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Back to school. Are we ready?

June 14, 2020

Below you will find the link to our recent EduExcellence webinar and Q&A session with our parents. While the webinar is aimed at parents with learners enrolled at our physical campuses in Lynnwood, Pretoria and Noordhoek, Cape Town it might be of interest to any parent thinking about sending their child back to school.

At EduExcellence we have deliberately taken a very calm, measured approach to the impact of the Coronavirus on our educational offering. Preferring consistency and predictability in these very uncertain times. Our children like routine. We all do. We draw comfort in times of chaos from knowing that some things, no matter how unfavourable, are still certain. From the start of lockdown we had decided that we will only provide online education for the entire 2nd term. So we got on with that and it went very well.

On the 7th July we will open our doors for some grades to return. In the webinar we spell out clearly what learners and parents can expect upon return. We are also very clear that this approach will remain in place for the month of July. Our various approaches to safeguarding of learners and staff will then be re-evaluated on a monthly basis only. So that once again parents, learners and staff can manage a routine and tackle each day with confidence.

Webinar Topic: Back to school. Are we ready?

Please watch the full webinar video here.

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Back to school. Are we ready?

Below you will find the link to our recent EduExcellence webinar and Q&A session with our parents. While the webinar...

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