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EduExcellence Satellites Online School - Launch Webinar

Neal Bresler
June 2, 2020
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Last night I had the thrilling privilege to introduce EduExcellence Satellites to South African as well as my Principals including Ms Kayleen Olivier the newly appointed Principal of EduExcellence Satellites. During the webinar both Dr Beulah van der Westhuizen and I got to share part of our personal journey and deep motivation behind EduExcellence. I also shared what makes our online school different from other online/virtual/digi schools and foundation values of mutual respect.

Following my brief talk there was a long opportunity for Q&A from our audience. We received many great questions which myself and the panellists did our best to answer as comprehensively as what this medium and time allowed. We will be working through these questions and building our FAQ on our new website as well as more detailed content pages.

For parents that missed the webinar or if you want to re-listen you can access the full webinar from here.

Webinar Topic: EduExcellence Satellites Launch
Start Time : Jun 1, 2020 17:30

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2 comments on “EduExcellence Satellites Online School - Launch Webinar”

  1. Good morning, I love your mindset!!I am also a teacher and is thinking of opening a home school for a group of learners as their parents can't do it because of several reasons. I don't know if you as EduExcellence can offer something like this.

    1. Hi Florence. The Department of Basic Education carefully defines homeschooling as a learning being taught at home by their parents. As soon as that learner is being taught by an anyone else, or in a group, then it is no longer homeschooling. EduExcellence Satellites is real school, facilitated by teachers in a group (of no more than 12) being taught in that learner's home.

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EduExcellence Satellites Online School - Launch Webinar

Last night I had the thrilling privilege to introduce EduExcellence Satellites to South African as well as my Principals...

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