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When is it Safe for Schools to Re-open?

April 29, 2020

Safety First

EduExcellence is aware of the announcement made on the 29 April by the Minister of Education.

I would like to make the following comments:

  1. The minister’s announcement was NOT in line with expectations given previously and has caught all stakeholders unaware.
  2. As a member of ISASA we will be taking our guidance from ISASA, who have declined to comment at the moment while they take the minsters’ announcement under review by their independent legal and health teams.
  3. While EduExcellence has sympathy for parents that themselves will need to get back to work, EduExcellence WILL put the health and welfare of its staff and learners ahead of any factor that motivated the minister’s announcement.
  4. EduExcellence will continue to provide a viable learning alternative until such time as it is deemed safe for all our staff and learners to return.
  5. To avoid the uncertainty of wondering if we could ‘return to physical schooling’ at any day we have taken the decision that it is highly UNLIKELY that we will be returning this term. Please understand that this uncertainty makes planning for teachers very difficult.
  6. EduExcellence will be using this time to poll parents to understand what the risk factor is for our learners (learner and close family co-morbidity). This will be understood in conjunction with the 12 staff members identified as ‘high risk’.
  7. Finally, EduExcellence will also be evaluating our own legal and health risks in conjunction with ISASA and update our policies accordingly.

EduExcellence pleads with parents to be patient as we try pick our way through these uncertain times.Once all of the above factors have been understood we will also need time to implement the appropriate safety measures and administrative protocols. This will also have to be understood in the light of an operational budget that is under severe pressure.

Please contact your Campus Principal should you have any further comments or questions.

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2 comments on “When is it Safe for Schools to Re-open?”

  1. Hi
    Will like to findout out more about the school. My son his 6 and attending in mainstream school ,his in Grade R and earlier March 2020 was diagnosed with ...and we are worried that he did not receive attention required due to Covid-19 we think 2021 he need special attention so to move on.

    1. Hi Lesego - the scenario you describe for your son is exactly the reason we started EduExcellence Satellites. Please click here and then select the green 'enroll now / make contact button' and select the option to request that Louise make contact with you if you have any more specific questions or concerns.

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